Policies and Procedures

Before we get started, I will send you my Policies and Procedures contract. This must be read and signed before our first official tutoring session. 

My Values:
I believe in creating a positive learning atmosphere through respect. Mutual respect is essential in building relationships that help children learn to the best of their abilities. I will show respect by being prepared for each session, listening to you and your child, and accommodating your child needs.

I believe in honesty and doing the right thing every time.

Communication is key. Parents/guardians will be informed on their child’s progress regularly. At the end of each calendar month, you will receive a detailed report of how your child is progressing.

Love of Learning
I believe a love of learning is the foundation of a strong growth mindset. I aim to cultivate a love of learning by building confidence through successful experiences. When student’s experience success, they build resiliency and are able to struggle through more challenging problems.

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